Emma Stone, Blade Runner Style and Other Stories

A few of the cool things I stumble across that isn’t on Tumblr.

Look at that. Just fucking look at that. Beautiful.

It’s called a Cyr wheel. I’ve never heard of them before (they only started to exist in 2003) and I doubt Manila has one. Somebody please bring it over.


A short survey of sexy contemporary photographers (NSFW).  Did I mention I used to want to become an erotic photographer? I’m quite a fan of Helmut Newton, Richard Kern, and Ellen Von Unwerth, among many. Hey, I’m not erasing that from my bucket list any time soon. *nudges sexy friends*


I’m so goth, I was born black.” Gothic beauty? Not necessarily pale!

“The ‘traditional’ ideal of the scene as the pale-faced, black-clad individualdefinitely never applied to me, but because of my instant and deep connection and attraction to the music and atmosphere of the scene I had to set that aside.” – Asha Beta, painter/sculptor


How to organize your stuff without spending any money. Rolling shirts! This changes everything. Too bad I already built a cardboard shirt folder.

Also saw this instagram by Xiaxue organizing her shirts.

“New idea for people with overflowing clothes… Instead of folding I decided to roll my tank tops and camisoles! I cannot believe I squeezed 65 of them in one tiny cubicle space!”

Neat idea! It’s just too bad all my shirts are black so I don’t know how I’m supposed to find the right one. #gothgirlproblems

Scientists figure how to store 700TB of data in one gram of DNA. I swear, this is the kind of future where we can walk around naked and not have to carry anything.


South Korea urges physical castration for repeat rapists. You go, South Korea! If jail time and prison buttrape don’t scare them enough, maybe losing the penis will.


 Emma Stone’s Blade Runner-esque photo shoot! Colorful lighting, filters, 80s, Emma Stone, sleek stylish retro outfits, BLADE RUNNER = I am dead.

emma stone blade runner 2

Gasp! Emma Stone!

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